Instant Mental Reset Therapy©: A Revolution in Trauma Healing

By Alex da Silva Santos



Emotional traumas represent a heavy burden for millions of people worldwide. Deeply rooted in the psyche, these traumatic experiences can leave lasting emotional scars, limiting human potential and adversely affecting physical and mental health. However, in the face of this challenging scenario, a new hope arises: Instant Mental Reset Therapy© (I-MRT).


Origins of I-MRT

Developed after years of intensive research and clinical practice, I-MRT was born out of the need to provide an effective and accessible solution for trauma healing. Grounded in principles of Chinese medicine, radionics, and neuroscience, this technique revolutionizes and challenges traditional notions about the nature of trauma and its healing.


The IMRT Process

While much is discussed about the impact of trauma, I-MRT proves that trauma is treatable, and in fact, the process is surprisingly simple. In many cases, a single session is enough to definitively eliminate the emotions associated with a traumatic memory, even if these emotions have persisted throughout a lifetime. The core of I-MRT lies in its simplicity and effectiveness. Unlike conventional approaches, which may require months or even years of therapy to alleviate trauma symptoms, I-MRT delivers rapid and definitive results in a single session. The key to this effectiveness lies in the therapy’s ability to access and eliminate the negative feelings associated with trauma directly from the unconscious, where traumatic memories are stored. During an I-MRT session, the therapist works in conjunction with the patient, who in most cases, does not need to verbalize the situations, thus preserving their privacy. It is only necessary for them to bring the traumatic memory to mind, along with all the associated negative feelings. After this, small glass spheres specially programmed for this purpose are placed in specific regions of the body, causing the negative feelings to be deleted from the unconscious, turning the trauma into a memory devoid of feeling or meaning. This action also promotes the release of all physical and emotional disturbances related to trauma, bringing an incredible sense of physical and emotional well-being. A simple technique that enables a complete life change for anyone suffering from recent or past traumas. Results and Implications The results of I-MRT are nothing short of extraordinary. Clinical studies and case reports have shown that in over 90% of cases, complete remission of trauma symptoms is achieved after a single session, allowing patients to regain control of their lives and free themselves from the limitations imposed by past experiences. By releasing the negative emotions stored in the body, it is also possible to prevent and treat a variety of physical and mental illnesses that have developed from trauma, paving the way for overall health recovery.


Key Benefits

  1. Instant Effectiveness: I-MRT acts quickly and effectively, providing immediate relief from the negative emotions associated with trauma.
  2. Unconscious Release: By eliminating negative feelings stored in the unconscious, IMRT removes the mental limitations imposed by traumatic experiences.
  3. Body Impact: The technique has extremely beneficial effects on the body. In addition to eliminating traumatic emotions, it also relieves muscle tension and organic dysfunctions, contributing to the prevention and healing of a wide range of physical and mental disorders.



As we continue to explore the limits of the human mind, Instant Mental Reset Therapy© stands out as a powerful tool for those seeking a life free from limitations imposed by traumatic events. With its ability to instantly eliminate traumatic memories and their negative ramifications, IMRT offers a new perspective on trauma, not as a perpetual sentence, but as an experience that can be quickly overcome and transformed. As we advance in understanding the consequences of trauma, it is essential that we continue to explore and develop new approaches to treating the traumas that afflict so many. IMRT represents a significant step in this direction, offering hope and renewal to all those seeking liberation from the past and a brighter, happier future.


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